Cycle Preparation and Equipment

Be Prepared

  • The most important piece of equipment you have is yourself so look after it.
  • If you have not exercised for some time, it is advisable to visit your Doctor to have a check up.
  • Follow a training plan, rest and eat well and you will quickly start to get fitter.

2 weeks prior to the event please bring your bike for a service. It’ll be worth the effort!

  • The next most important piece of equipment is your bicycle.  It should be safe and reliable.
  • The following items should be checked on your bike before you start training for your event:
    • Brakes – Brake blocks should be in good condition and the brake levers should pull the brakes smoothly
    • Cables – Check Brake and Gear cables for damage
    • Tyres – Check for nicks and weakness likely to cause a puncture.  Ensure tyres are pumped properly.
    • Chain – Oiled and running smoothly
    • Gears – Check that they are not jumping or causing chain to slip off
    • Handle Bars – Ensure they are straight and tight
    • Water – Bottle cage – Get one if you don’t have one as you will need it for your training spins.
    • Saddle – Ensure the saddle is comfortable and that it is set at the right height for you
  • It may be best for your local bike shop to help you with the above.
  • Also ensure that you have a helmet, a pump, a spare tube, tyre levers, mobile phone etc when you are out on the road
  • The best approach is to wear a few layers that can easily be removed. The most important layer is the one next to your skin. A breathable vest is well worth the investment if you intend to do any regular exercise. This will help to keep the moisture off your body preventing you from getting cold if you have to stop.
  • A helmet is essential and no cyclist should leave home without one.
  • Please review the list of recommended clothing/items:
    • Light Rain Jacket
    • Padded Cycling Shorts / leggings
    • Helmet
    • Warm Footwear
    • Socks
    • Water Bottles on your bike
  • With regard to buying clothes specifically for the cycle, a helmet and cycling shorts are needed. Leggings for warmth are good also; you can make do with tracksuit bottoms although they can be more uncomfortable if they get wet. You do not need to buy an expensive breathable rain jacket, any light rain jacket that you already have will suffice; it should be small enough that you can stuff it in a back pocket if you are too warm.
  • The key thing when you are out cycling is that you are warm and comfortable.  In terms of clothing, we would advise the following :
  • Upper body: The quality of sports clothing has improved enormously in recent years and there is a vast range of top quality clothing which can be used for a variety of sports.  It is critically important that your upper body is warm.  The advice is to have a 3 layer system comprising Base Layer, Mid Layer and Outer Layer or Shell.

For the base layer, there are a wide range of thermal long sleeved tops available like the Under Armour brand and the Cold Gear model.  This is available as a polo neck top and it is excellent for all outdoor sports (available at all Elverys Stores).

Your Mid Layer can be a cycling jersey, or a light sweatshirt or fleece.

The outer layer can a light rain jacket or sports top.

The most important element here is the Base Layer, if that is right you will be warm. If it is not right, it may be difficult to be warm.

To finish off your upper body, you need your cycling helmet and gloves are also advisable.

  • Lower Body: Given that the cycle is 100 kms, it is definitely advisable to purchase a pair of cycling shorts.  These shorts are tight fitting and have a padded insert to make sitting on the saddle more comfortable. If you do not have cycling shorts, wear some sports shorts that are comfortable.  Over the shorts, you can wear a pair of tracksuit bottoms or leggings (just make sure that they are not going to get caught in the chain).  A pair of sports shoes can be worn with a pair of sports socks.  The stiffer the sole of the shoe the better as that will give better support to your feet.

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